Moved into what is particular about moving

moved we are all very happy, went through some of the Almanac, wrote one day found a day to move or anything, just thought it was a lucky day. However, have you noticed, you'll find another commonly look, it said that the day is not the same. So, the real date is based on the homeowner's Numerology to calculate. In other words, a family of three, was bought by the hostess name is also the host of the House, according to his or her birthday, to find elegant or other favourable day, which can make some choices on the day, and then moved in, so that is good.

there are particular about when you move, move, move to have a certain order. Moved in first should be the master bedroom, the master bed. After he finished, book well in advance in their bed, and I like it there. When you haven't selected one day move in bed can be placed in, but cannot be located. But also slightly confused some, we find a suitable day and time to set the location. First move in their own beds and clothes, in the master bedroom. This is a popular and important step. And then have to move is the kitchen, both advanced, third step, is the other door furniture such as sofa television sets and so on, there are also children's clothing can be placed in the bedroom. In accordance with the order to move, will be Wang Ding Wangcai!

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