The movers how to pay attention to their own image

movers during the move process to how to pay attention to their image? In most people's view that seem to have little relationship to move, the movers moved as long as well, nothing else can. But movers of the image close to the moving company's own image.

in most of the moving process, we have many movers will pay no attention to these details, it is actually very important, in the eyes of customers is moved within the company's management is not strict in this regard. Smoking    spit    with bare arms    without the client's consent to the bathroom and sit anywhere these indecent actions offensive to customers, which has given workers the image and image of the moving company had negative scores.

so what do we have to deal with the details of maintaining healthy image? First to let each a moved workers to has this aspects of consciousness, we is service units, we to each a bit customer service of premise is to let customer 100% of satisfaction, this which on including workers of image and quality, in any when cannot light with arm, in consent of customer of allows Xia to in stairs or toilet in smoking, for example customer new buy of Chair, in no consent of customer of agreed on sat, is I also will is not comfortable of. Say it will put you on the spot, so we must have awareness. In order to provide customers with more personalized service.

in everyday moving services, we cannot achieve perfection, but as long as the strict corporate governance, targeted training for workers to advance awareness, hear every customer the reasonable suggestions. I believe that our service will be complete 100%

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