A Guangzhou movers work history

my home is in Hubei in 2007, fresh out of school in China. I was at a friend's introduction, with a yearning for a wonderful life, with their ideal started, came to Guangzhou, ran his own business in Guangzhou.

think like a high school student looking for a job should be easy. But in Guangzhou, the city and me too much, almost one month but could not find work in Guangzhou. One of my friends moving company in Guangzhou, in his introduction, I came to the company.

Remember to move the morning of the first day of the company, meeting the movers are, same dress uniform, neatly in the back row. It makes me think of doing morning exercises in the school days. Always dreamed of working day just like heaven, looking at home working on Aberdeen on them, can't help but touch up. Friend me in interviews, is the quality in the heart of the first exam, physical exam, through layers of checks finally adopted. Then fill in the form to the Office, to the competent wrote Porter in the form, I was stunned. Didn't think moving workers to surmount hurdles.

blink of an eye in the moving company for a year, learned a lot in this year moving knowledge and skills, learn a lot of truth in life. More and more like this moving work.

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