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in we national of neighbor Japan moved on is interesting, first they will than customer agreed of time early to 20 minutes, they very keep rules, and told courtesy, began moved Qian they will has a leader on customer all of items do a label and classification, about to spent 20 minutes, this is they why to ahead of 20 minutes to customer home of reasons, although such spent has 20 minutes time, but in handling among is is smooth, items also easily damaged, So Japan's moving company is the world's best moving company.

in the United States are completely different because the United States short of labour, so the price move is quite expensive, so the United States people often moving yourself, not to hire a moving company, of course, Americans bought new homes in general like the old House of furniture, electrical goods, he is not the epilepsy treatment. In European countries Netherlands virtually no moving company, they call the moving company is a second job, at the weekend, the diligent work and even white-collar workers 4-5 to form a train, advertising on the Internet, and business is good.

most interesting of to number family British, they moved workers work are is by time is of, usually are is each hours of price, but is interesting of is customer paid they one hours of money they only dry 45 minutes, addition 15 minutes workers to drink coffee, listening to music, they workers work are open with name car, wearing with name table, in United Kingdom, physical workers and mental who treatment is as of, they most also are Shang had school, received trained higher education, So their salary with white-collar workers who work in the building were almost moving company phone.

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