Terrible move experience

was supposed to move in winter, but this God is nearer to those, understanding the difficulty, move readily agreed as early as 3 months, had moved on the first day of the drive in the nucleus accumbens. So the ants began to sell in the heat of the trip a trip.

moving company Saturday at 7 in the morning, but a night of heavy rain on Friday night, is said to have reached storm, lying in bed listening to the rain stopped outside the whole night was very annoyed, get up in the morning to see blowing wind whistling outside, the suspect is in the fall. It doesn't, glad that my luck huh. Master qilikazha moved out, ten minutes away is very near.

but just the community was told that elevator death. Because last night's heavy rain, the elevator shaft was flooded. When repair is hard to say, OK, neighbors leg climbing the stairs, then. Mo Mo approaches, things were piled up in the hallway, legs moving temporary up, we still have to live not. Family health movement inputs, corner wipe again, already in the afternoon, we did not eat in the morning, hungry belly has now, ready to cook and wash it and wash it. But how next to water pipes but wheeze? I open the faucet only see the drops into drop by drop, the kitchen ran out of water, toilets or water, and haven't washed my hands, OK, why are you so miserable today, have caught up with it. With elevator of the community really precarious, OK that long will go up without climbing stairs more beautiful, but occasionally one which stand back, usually without opportunities to exercise all lazy.

lunch came, we ate a lot of it, two of the meal a meal.

Although not worth much, but how other worthless so many things, categories can't clear that how a random word. Before dinner, lift is through the Department, are also in place. On this day, dead.

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