Forecast for 2012 move industry trends

A: moving chains continue to be high in 2011, the company said in the country a big advantage in getting consumers at the same time, also on staff has in the industry. At present, these large companies will also continue to maintain a high profile, like CITIC, Ant company, and will not slow down the pace of expansion in the industry. This year, the company will have better planning.

in order to preempt the move market share, increase the company's competitiveness and exposure has become the trump card of the relocation of enterprises. How to make use of the moving industry with the trump card, integrated brand so that consumers get the best meet is going to be the most consideration, small asked in Hong Kong has to move reinforced market this year.

two companies in order to get through the first half of this year, many in the industry talking about market development, hold an optimistic attitude. Moreover pointed out that this year will be the most important of the year, six months past, who will be "the boat" at a glance.

today, in an increasingly competitive market, the moving industry is also undergoing change and shuffle. Extrusion of many SMEs, large companies, are gradually being swallowed. Many small companies are struggling.

perhaps this year's Guangzhou moving industries along the roads full of thorns, will most likely decline occurred when needed to face the situation, some small brands can no more resist the pressure and eventually be eliminated by the market and big brands only to constantly increase its capacity to resist risks, to embark successfully.

three: some companies forced to cut prices to move, there are brands of the company has always been a competition between, described by insiders as "harmed, prosperity". As the company continues to expand, together with the rose rent, some of our brands have frustrated.

many moves were of high rents in the big company "squeezing", many company bosses in a conversation with reporters are complaining that rents are too high, even faster and is directly proportional to sales. This seriously undermined the interests of operators.

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