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I think that, with the passage of time and the development of, a person's life must be moved in a few home. I moved into the city, which is third. I'm okay, now has six moving in early June, double figure 66: Yoshikoto, joint care heaven really injuries, moved to forecast rain weather, Leng not, give the left a chance, and real cool and Nice, smooth move into the city.

spare time, warm and comfortable, comfortable and happy home wit, since he joined the work, since the family, including the new home has four homes, three times. I Luxe, initially in veterinary origin, Wang Zhen, arrived to participate in the work of veterinary station, and later married, and had a wife and children, and full of life. Liquor Bell this day of the year, first moving in small moving within the veterinary station, doctor-Jian-tile-roofed house into two parts the North bungalows.

in the 21st century. Second move was moved into the town from the veterinary station Shu yuan building. This third is moving from Township moved into urban areas. Now in retrospect, before three home past a lot of unforgettable stories happened, continue around in my mind, fresh. Now and then gradually put the stories down, was to write a biography of life, I ran through what had been the heart of vicissitudes.

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