Proper handling of household appliances when moving

moved most moved is large household appliances, said part of the problem but also not damaged, then we will very carefully when we move a little attention would be damage to appliance affecting life. Guangzhou moving company reminds you to have some basic knowledge of electric move, can reduce the damage to the appliance.

1 lamp, lighting equipment to be boxed and put some newspaper around the lamps in their fixed; no closed-box, enable the bearer to see.

2, bedside cabinets remove remove screw parts sealed in plastic bag, double sided carpet tape on the headboard down so as not to lose.

3, audio speakers first wipe the exterior with a dry cloth, preferably wrapped in towels and other items, and magazine, fixed with adhesive tape.

refrigerator 4, moving the day before you want to unplug refrigerator power supply, after moving into a new position, please place 30 minutes after power on.

5, quilt binding States to protect on the screen of the TV; then tie tape the TV fixed. Mount the original packing box, if there is no original box, tied quilts is first State to be protected on a TV screen.

6, mount the original packaging box in computer, foam will be fixed around; the disc, floppy disk, put inside a box, inside the best foam isolation, outside the box marked do not pressure so as not to be mass moving companies prices.

before they moved to VW's personnel must indicate which boxes or items that belong to protected and, if possible, on the box and striking identity or prompt, breakable or valuable items better handling, personal supervision of large appliances move mass moving let us rest assured that company!

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