Temporary movers charge higher

"I have called several moving companies in Guangzhou in succession the phone they said no time, no staff. No way, I called a temporary move only under the South Bridge, their asking price is high. "Yesterday, who lives in Lake Lu Guo hold apartment reflect Mr Wang to the newspaper.

Mr Wang said he in cuihu Lake before Lu Guo apartment, for rent house landlord sold yesterday to move into the big Park Lu Fengxiang village, distance care apartment about 3 km. He called the two porters. At first, agreed that handling fee is 150 yuan per person. When the Porter came to his house and found things for quite some time, and the removal costs must be given 200 yuan per person, plus freight, altogether more than 500 Yuan. "Can't afford to move is moving now. Porter to find do not say, moving freight are not high. "Wang laments.

yesterday visits to understand the situation of the South Bridge. A Porter chefs from Sichuan told reporters that the South Bridge in Haikou before dozens of people, end of the year, most workers have gone home for the new year, and less than 10 people. "Now people ask me to move things, starting at 150 Yuan. If many things, have to add money. Many moving companies by the end of anything, I ran several a day, although a little tired, but at least earn 500 Yuan a day. ”

interim master movers Wei long inferior living on the South Bridge, he also bought a pickup truck. He said today, he called a few friends and ask them to help carry things, people asking price is 200 Yuan. Move the things here in the morning, going to country road this afternoon, customers were reminded several times.

reporters then contacted several large transport companies, both say busy recently, and the price is very high. A moving company owner, told reporters: "today's 8 cars were sent out to customers request before 5 o'clock in the afternoon is going to move out, and very little time. Usually they handling volume at about 30 times a day, now increased to about 50 times, the workload increases. Because not enough vehicles, manpower, the company had to push out some of the orders every day, within two or three days of move orders are lined up in advance. ”

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