New home on new year's day move really a happy new year

new year's coming, Weizhou Town houses-Sunshine Home in Wenchuan County for a period, was a hive of moving images. By publicly shaking beads new houses of more than 600 families Weizhou Town residents are being moved into a new home.

features 4 3 floor tenants teacher Lin's new home, he is busy moving things. His family's new House is a pattern of three-bedroom, sofa, TV, House, wood cabinets, beds and other furniture is neatly placed according to the family planning. "My name is Guangzhou moving company move in furniture, electrical appliances, today will be able to carry out the family wanted to live in spacious, cosy and comfortable new House. Here, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom are very reasonable, better than the previous House I do not know where. Shi Linhai talks about new home delighted. "This time, we bought new furniture, is to want to have a new home with new vitality. "Earthquake Qian, Division Lin a three mouth live in units more than 50 multiple square meters of hostel in, earthquake Hou, units of House into has dangerous, family on in County rent has a between more than 40 more square meters of House as transition room with, now pumping to of new homes full has near 87 square meters, family on wants to earlier moved into to, end rental live of days, has a safe of home.

such as Shi Linhai's House a lot of people live in the new home, walking in the spacious "sunshine homes", look at supporting the construction of green area, leisure and sports facilities such as supermarkets, their life is full of expectations for the future.

"to be in such a comfortable new home, I would never think about. My House has seen on opening day, room very well, I just need simple repair and cleaning. 24th move in our home this month, new year's day and Spring Festival in the new House, that's great. "On December 8 from the property management Department said Liu Fuying aunt is pleased to get houses a key. Weizhou Town houses-Sunshine Home in Wenchuan County in a period from a Weizhou Town residents face is moving to a new home, will see new joy.

it is learnt that the counterpart Weizhou Town in Wenchuan County to build housing in Guangzhou City, a total investment of 850 million Yuan for construction of houses, complete repair and reinforcement 509,300 square meters of housing, 5074; new construction and renovation of two new houses 3086, an area of about 300,000 square meters, achieved the goal of housing for all Wisconsin local residents. At present, Weizhou Town in Wenchuan County resident has 620 families had gone from "sunlight home" Office received house keys, nearly 430 households have moved into a new home in Guangzhou. Before the Spring Festival, Sunshine homes a placement of 629 homes will be moved into the new House.

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