Moving company employee is worth of learning by example

lost camera back, thanks to move the master, husband, was a careless, often absent-minded, because of his bad habits, mobile wallet is often things, my quarrel more than a lot of times, took last week for that matter. Last week we moved into a new home, a few days before I contact a most honest moving company, personally feel that moving is not a small thing, so looking for a moving company, I chose a good reputation of the company.

on moving day, while Guangzhou moving companies help, my husband and I are also very busy, usually two things may not look much, but once when we move our House quite a lot, but in the busy, we are a little excited, after all, is moving to a new House, hehe.

day has been from morning busy to afternoon only moved finished, I and husband like two only small deer as East channeling West channeling of busy with Pack, but I found I of a Taiwan Sony of digital camera missing has, we find again has each luggage box, find again has home of each place are no found, I back up at digital camera is husband Pack of, but asked he he also wants to not up put where has, is obviously he of got and made has, day we because this pieces thing and noisy has a frame.

thought dear camera off and can't get it back. But unexpectedly the day after the move, company on the phone, says my digital camera fell on their car, and later sent people to come home to me. I remember this thing very impressive, lost the camera was recovered, particularly happy mood, I am grateful to mass move.

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